Lionel WASSOUMI, Specialist in International Communication and Public Action

The precarious security situation in the Northern regions of Cameroon over the years because of the fight against Boko Haram, and in the Eastern borders of the country with the Central African Republic with its just ended political crisis are elements which ought to draw the attention of all citizens on the dangers of the proliferation of arms brought by these conflicts. In addition, the sociopolitical crisis in the anglophone regions of the country seems a favourable situation for the proliferation of arms. In such a context, the question of the proliferation of arms becomes very alarming for the security of goods and persons all over the territory. In the face of such a worrisome subject, public authorities ought to strengthen measures to bring the situation under controllable proportions. The vigilance of citizens must also be at the utmost in order to preserve lives that might be innocently destroyed by this increasing phenomenon in our towns and border regions.

Michel Biem Tong, Webjournaliste

Le contexte de la crise anglophone qui a dégénéré en un conflit armé donne lieu évidemment à une prolifération des armes lourdes et légères. Pour cela, le gouvernement a le devoir de réguler le flux des armes afin de prévenir des conflits à venir et mettre fin à ceux existants. Toutefois, le poids des traditions est un facteur important de prolifération des armes légères. C’est le cas chez les peuples de l’Ouest et du Nord-Ouest Cameroun où l’arme légère est utilisée lors des cérémonies funéraires et cette arme est par la suite conservée dans chaque maison comme la coutume de ces peuples l’exige. Ce sont là les grosses difficultés auxquelles l’Etat est confronté.

Techago Gabby Ngewung, Specialist in International Communication and Public Action

As far as the proliferation of weapons in Cameroon is concerned, the consequences are variable and multiple. The Cameroon economy is going to increasingly suffer from an economic downturn due to the crisis in the North West and South West regions that has slowly metamorphosed into an armed conflict. On the 18th of September 2018, GICAM published a report in which it stated that the mobile operators are said to be losing 1 billion CFA per month. A further global 283.7 million CFA of telecom installations have been destroyed in the two concerned regions. This leads to a sharp decline in the small independent telecom activities that employ hundreds of Cameroonians. A further survey by the same institution in July 2018 shows that more than 6,434 jobs and 269 billion FCFA of turnover have been lost by the Cameroonian government during these two years of crisis. In addition to this, a further 8,000 jobs are under threats in the formal agricultural sectors notably PAMOL and CDC. You can do the multiplications ahead if this crisis is not halted now through a genuine and inclusive dialogue preferably. Despite the World Bank Doing Business Reports of 2016 and 2017 on Cameroon, the presence of this armed conflict; the proliferation of arms with the consequences that we are all testifiers to, may scare off foreign direct investors from Cameroon. It would be interesting also to note that a BTI Report of 2018 classifies Cameroon as 109 out of 129 countries with a governance index of 3.46 on a scale of 10. This simply means that Cameroon’s once radiance on the international scene has been dampened.

I will conclude by saying that the proliferation of arms in Cameroon is very bad to the image of Cameroon. As we can testify, arms have only one purpose, war and one vision, destruction.

Marcel Brice Abanda, Animateur Radio

Je pense que la prolifération des armes au Cameroun n’est pas une bonne chose. On peut dire que le secteur au Cameroun n’est plus régulé. Mon grand-père avait une arme de chasse et à leur époque, tout était vraiment régulé. C’est-à-dire, pour délivrer une licence, un port de permis d’arme, on menait une enquête de moralité. On prenait la peine de savoir à quoi allait servir cette arme et le type de personne qui la détiendrait. Je pense que le gouvernement doit y mettre un accent ; c’est devenu une action préoccupante parce que dans nos quartiers par exemple, des gens pourraient s’en servir contre leurs voisins. On devrait punir ceux qui utilisent abusivement leurs armes pour emmener les uns et les autres à prendre conscience. En plus des amendes, il faudrait même condamner des personnes rendues coupables afin de pouvoir mieux gérer ce secteur.

Arah Ayompe, Press Reporter

I think the question of the proliferation of arms in Cameroon should be redressed because at the center, it is a source of violence. If these arms were not that common, many violent acts would not have been possible, and I also think the circulation of arms should be restricted if there is a legal instrument binding it, clearly stating for example who can own arms, reasons for owning the gun and so on. Also, if there could be checks around the borders on importation given that most of these things are not fabricated in Cameroon and they are weapons of destruction. Those importing are doing business which is destroying us. So, to me, the proliferation of arms is a question that needs a lot attention. If this issue can be redressed, a lot of situations will be avoided. If arms can be restricted to only relevant use, I think a lot of situations will be redressed, a lot of nasty circumstances will not be arrived at, in the country, talk less of exchanges between one or two persons. The neglect of this sector needs to be reconsidered so that, so many violent acts will be avoided.

Narcisse Wandji, Réalisateur

Nulle part au monde la prolifération des armes serait une bonne chose. C’est un danger pour la cohésion et l’intégrité sociale d’une nation. Elle n’est pas préoccupante pour le moment parce que les dirigeants sous-estiment ou n’estiment pas qu’il y ait prolifération. Je veux dire qu’il faut déjà prouver qu’il y a prolifération. La situation n’est donc pas encore un problème parce qu’il y a très peu ou pas encore des dérives. Cependant, il faut que l’Etat anticipe car c’est exactement ce qui va se passer après la guerre dans les régions du Nord-Ouest et Sud-Ouest. Il va falloir désarmer les gens, récupérer les armes et c’est là qu’il y aura soucis.

Propos recueillis par Angeline Wulba et Eliane Nematchoua


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