As the name indicates, the Cameroon Action Network on Small Arms (CANSA) has since its creation in 2004, been very instrumental in raising awareness and advocating for the putting in place of an internationally binding treaty to regulate the manufacture and sale of light weapons as well as other categories of arms in the country. Being an embodiment of several civil societies in Cameroon, the CANSA has among other objectives to ensure a coordination of her efforts in matters of security and disarmament; an establishment of a data base on the movement of arms in the country as well as a relationship of confidence between citizens and the forces of

law and order in the respect of international humanitarian law; provision of assistance to victims of armed violence; sensitization and advocacy in favour of alternative and sustainable means of survival for those who depend on armed violence. It is in the light of this nature that an umbilical cord binds the activities of the CANSA to the ATT in Cameroon.

With the adoption of the December 2006 UN Resolution establishing a comprehensive and legally binding instrument, establishing common international standards for peace; import, export and transfer of conventional arms, the crusade towards the putting in place of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) gained momentum. Greatly influenced by the indefatigable efforts of civil society, the adoption of the ATT was made easily achievable by June 2013. It is worth taking note; the leading role of the CANSA in mobilizing the government of Cameroon towards the adoption of the ATT so far. Through a combined effort with other civil society organisations like the CAMYOSFOP, it aims at ensuring that the ATT is fully popularized, ratified, implemented and domesticated in Cameroon within the shortest time possible. With fingers crossed, there is definitely hope for a soon-to-be complete attainment of the objectives of the CANSA, the apex of which are the ratification and domestication of the ATT in Cameroon.
Angeline Wulba


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